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I am a mother of four children and a language teacher living in Helsinki. I am a certified doula from the Finnish Doula Academy. I am also WHO breastfeeding counselor and Trageschule Baby Wearing instructor.

The birth started to fascinate me when I became pregnant with my first child. I studied Hypnobirthing technique which helped me a lot during the labor. The birth of my first child and becoming a mother were very unique and enormous experiences in my life. I fell in love with baby wearing and wraps and decided to educate myself as a baby wearing instructor. I wanted to have a homebirth with my second child. I am very thankful of the beautiful experience of giving birth in our bathroom surrounded by my husband and my first child. I wished a homebirth also for my third child, but unfortunately he had serious heart diseases which we got to know during mid-pregnancy. I was happy and sad at the same time during the last months of the pregnancy. My son was born in a hospital into a bath tub. A positive birth experience was incredibly important this time, because after a few days in intensive care we went home for terminal care. I am grateful that I got to breastfeed and carry my baby in a wrap. Losing my son was inconsolably sad. The support we received during the pregnancy and labor was really important for us – it is the main reason I want to be a doula. My son led me to the path to become a doula. I want to support other moms, both in happiness and in sorrow. When I was expecting our fourth child, a rainbow baby, it was also a different experience. Accepting the new pregnancy and becoming attached to the baby in my belly were sometimes challenging for me. I had to come into terms with the fear of losing my new baby and to accept the sorrow as part of my life. Being a mom of a dead child has changed the way I see the world and live this precious life we have.


I want to give the best support for the family during the whole time of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I see the role of doula as a trusted companion during important transition phases in life such as in pregnancy and birth, but also in death. I wish to help families to have hope in their life.


05/2021 WHO breastfeeding couselling course, Elonaskel

03/2019 - 05/2021 Finnish Doula Academy, certified doula

2016 and 2018 Die Trageschule, Baby Wearing Instructor (Courses I and II)

05/2014 University of Helsinki, Master of Arts, French and Swedish language teacher

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